Monday, March 26, 2007

Tonight' (question mark)

Tonight is scheduled to be the big interconference match-up between us and Redrum (Grass Field, 7:15 p.m., ESPN2). Obviously, it's a big game, since there apparently is still some sort of rivalry between the two teams, even though we've beaten them the last four times we've played. But, it's Redrum, and they come in fully expecting to win. Somehow, we need to convince them they are the favorites, and that we, once again, are the scrappy underdogs.

The problem right now is the weather. For the first time all season, we're in serious danger of being rained out. The storm that was supposed to hit this weekend didn't, but it's expected to roll in...sometime tonight. So, that could mean after the games, during or before. The Weather Channel's hour-by-hour forecast shows that it shouldn't start raining until 10 p.m., which is right on the border for getting all the games completed. We'll update the situation with our NinjaWatch 5000(tm) storm tracking system throughout the afternoon.


mykill said...

The important thing to remember to do is actually go to the game regardless. Too many times last winter (NOT MY FAULT) were games called off, then called on, and it was a mess.

The Duke of Kickball said...

This is a good point. I would assume that the flip cup tourney is on regardless of what happens, and that our anti-Flip Cup read-a-thon should also be on.

But, come on...those "rain outs" were totally your fault.

mykill said...

OK, so I paid a very large dowry when I married the Rain Goddess, Aquafina, and her family kinda hooked it up for me when i needed it.

Scott Jonesilicious said...

Well, us LOSING the game was a great way to regain underdog status. This battle will continue in perpetuity! I envision freakish robots holding our brains in glass jars as we face off for the year 2478 Studio Division Championship (Ninjas lead series 586-98).