Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A pyrotechnics flash gun

Is it dangerous? Well, it shoots flames out of your hands 10 to 15 feet in the air. Do I want one? Sweet Christ, do I! If I buy one, then I need some sort of speaker system hooked up to me so that I can play "The Final Countdown" anytime I need to.

I could also have billows of smoke coming out of my hands, but why settle for ground beef when you can have fillet, right?


Grant said...

Okay, I'll go ahead and start the Memorial Burn Ward Fund then. I got $10.

Oh, and I'll chip in $10 toward you buying one.

Grant said...

Oh, and I fully expect video of you using this when you score your next grand slam.

The Duke of Kickball said...

That's the right spirit. Keep in mind that all proceeds from the Fan Club sales go to help fund worthy causes like us buying even more useless and dangerous crap!

Speaking of which...Grant, do you still have your...umm...I don't know the name of them, so I just say "Your Swinging, Flaming Balls"?

Scott Jonesilicious said...

Awesome. It's a perfect idea. It's going to be done.

Want to save ALL The bullshit for one game? Maybe save it for the playoffs so people are really surprised?