Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Redrum 2, Awesome Helicopter Ninjas 1

Well, we lost. You know why?


Sam didn't show up, it was his "birthday" or something. Thanks a lot, Sam. I hope your cake was filled with um, blood.

And poison.

We had a bit of trouble with backing players up on the overthrow, on the two occasions it happened, a run scored or a runner advanced. So, um, yeah. We'll have to work on that.

That being said, there were more important things going on.

I speak of the Awesome Helicopter Ninja Book Club meeting that took place at the bar after the game.

Joe was reading up on some finer aspects of Ninja Mind Control. A romance novel of sorts, set in the thrilling age of midevil Scotland. Nah, its basically a HOW TO for aspiring Ninjas. Its pretty rad. Basically it tells you how to beat ass, hard. Also, the ancient art of nut grabbing.

Scott was parusing the ever delightful Real Ultimate Power: The Official Ninja Book by Robert Hamburger. The Ninja in RUP is a scamp that should be held up with other iconing american teenagers like Ton Sawyer or Mushmouth. He represents the innocence of the American youth. He is Johnny Tremain, without the horrible deformity. But basically its a fun book about the insanity of one boy's obsession with Ninjas. Everyone should read it.

I feel that there was a deeper, Faustian struggle than was was origionally presented on the surface in Pikachu's Day. This was seen in the torment of battle between Pikachu and Charmander. It reveled that in war there are no winners and losers, only tiers. Also, he is still super cute.

Richard was reading a menu from El Pollo Loco by William Shakespere. It was his last menu ever written. Some say that The Tempest was Shakespere's last great work, and that Prospero one of his greatest creations, but Richard will argue that it was Taquito's humanity that sets it apart from the rest.


The Duke of Kickball said...

The lesson I learned from the Book Club: Pikachu sure is a scamp!

Scott Jonesilicious said...

This made me laugh out loud or "LOL" as they say on the internet.

Specifically, blaming Sam and wishing blood and poison on him and also the delightful left turn at the end about Richard reading El Pollo Loco.

Johnny Tremain made me forever fear Silversmithing and is why I avoided it as a profession.

mykill said...

I can't wait until El Pollo Loco is made into a movie. The script i've been working on is top notch. I did have to add a talking dinosaur police woman (WOMAN?!?). See, the twist is that the dinosaur is a womand, and that Lt. Taquito De La Cruz, falls in love with his partner, but she ends up being the leader of the drug cartel. (WHAT?! A WOMAND DRUG LORD??!?!) See, its got Golden Globe written all over it. That's the title of the movie. Golden Globe.