Wednesday, March 21, 2007

vs. the warner pros

I like the Warner Pros. a lot. Aaron, their team captain, is part of the Studio Newsletter writing staff. He comes up with ideas and does the covers. He's a good guy. He also plays on the Grassy Best in Hollywood. Well, Monday night we played their team.

Ok, backing up a bit. LAST week, there was a bit of a verbal scuffle between a couple members of OUR team and him. He and Kate were umping our game against the Ponies of Death and a Ninja said something jokingly to an ump, that was well, sorta dickish and Aaron stood up for umps everywhere. There was a call of 'cocksucker' at one point from Aaron, too. Good times.

Anyway, it blew over. No realy harm came from it. But I wanted to make it up to Aaron and his team.

So, I thought "Wouldn't it be fun if when I went up to kick, I smashed a record (LP) with my fists". Of course this turned into more than just that, as Richard (The Duke of Kickball) and I came up with a fake setlist for the album of Warner Music (who the Warner Pros. all work for) artists. I say "we" but it was really Richard. But I had the idea, dammit! So Fuck You, Richard!

So, it turned into this: during Rock Paper Scissiors we went and, in honor of their team, presented them with a newly pressed album, showing the titles and incorporating the WP logo. honor of OUR team, we took out the album, Richard held it, and I put my fist through it. All in good fun, mind you.

This is what happened to the record.

We also won 11-1. so that was fun.


The Duke of Kickball said...

I would also like to point out that we had a second, already-broken-and-then-taped-back-together LP on standby in case Michael couldn't manage to break a normal one with his fist.

And some of the song titles:

"If I Could Turn Back Time (I Wouldn't Play The Ninjas)" - Cher
"Do You Realize (How Hard The Ninjas Rule)?" - The Flaming Lips
"Umps Are Blind" - Paris Hilton (Cocksucker Remix)
"Goodnight, We Lost" - Hot Hot Heat
"In The End (We Lost to the Ninjas)" - Linkin Park
"We Have No Prayer" - Madonna
"What It Feels Like For a Girl (To Be With a Ninja) - Madonna
"Enter Ninjas" - Metallica
"Blue Monday (Because The Ninjas Beat Us)" - New Order
"Give Runs Away Now" - The Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Shiny Happy Ninjas" - R.E.M.
"C'mon C'mon (Can We Please Score a Run?) - The Von Bondies

mykill said...

Yes, as well as another record to practice punching on.

De La in pieces.

But I like to have backups for my plans. And my sissyness.