Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Welcome to the Championships

Is there a better way to christen the Awesome Helicopter Ninjas blog than with a recap of our semifinal playoff game? Probably not, unless I could somehow convince an A-List celebrity to come in and make the first post. But, that's not happening (although I could probably find the director from the last season of Project Greenlight somewhere in Silverlake at this very second).


We're awesome.

More specifically, we were awesome to the tune of 7-2, giving us a date with Redrum in the Studio Division championship game next Monday. We took a 2-0 lead after a half-inning, and threatened to gag it away after giving up two quick runs of our own. But, everyone settled down and contributed, and by God, here we are in the Championship game.

Based on the level of shenanigans and "theatrical bullshit" (to quote another team) we tend to pull during normal games, and the fact that we tend to do the same thing for Championship games we AREN'T in, I can't imagine what we're going to attempt next week. Scott mentioned the term "model rocketry exhibition" at the bar - I think this would be considered "just the tip of the iceberg".

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