Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Awesome Helicopter Ninjas: A recap

It occured to me that some words of recap about us might be in order.

We are the Awesome Helicopter Ninjas. We play WAKA Kickball in the Studio Division. The Division is coed, and open to any 21 and over. Games are every Monday, followed by visits to our Division bar, which in this case is the Sportsmens' Lodge.

What does the name mean? Hell if I know. It's a team name that Scott Jones, our team captain, came up with when launching the team two seasons ago. It does combine several cool motifs:

- Ninjas
- Helicopters
- Things that are awesome

Basically, we're about having fun first. Not that we're not competitive people, but we'd rather be ridiculous than ultra-competitive meatheads. (If we wanted that, we'd join an adult soccer or softball league.) So, we definitely lead the league in the following categories:

- Trick plays used during games
- Injures faked in order to "sell" trick plays to opposing team members/roommates
- Props used during games
- Other theatrical bullshit

I would say that to be an Awesome Helicopter Ninja, you basically have to a) have complete and utter self-confidence (bordering on being delusional) that what you are doing or are planning on doing is completely awesome; b) constantly ask yourself "Is there a way to make this more over the top?"; and c) again, like props.

On a related note, we are so getting smoke bombs to integrate into our "Grand Entrance" before next week's Championship Game. I hope Tipsy McStagger (the parks and recreation guy at the park who is always a little sloshed and doesn't like us) doesn't get too upset.

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