Monday, May 15, 2006

Game Day

It's absolutely ridiculous that I should even be in the ballpark of getting nervous about a kickball championship game. Yet, I was up half the night, staring at the ceiling thinking about strategy. Actually, I was mainly thinking about the smoke bombs, and if we were going to get arrested/kicked out of the park for using them. I still think it's highly unlikely, since Tispy McStagger (the Parks and Rec. guy at the park/the local town drunk) is probably too many sheets into the wind by 8 p.m. to notice a smoke bomb (or any subsequent fire). I'm actually more concerned about the fire station right next door to the park. Although if they show up, I'm claiming that "some skater kids came by and threw them at us". Everyone else should do the same as well.

As Sara pointed out last night when I asked her if it might be a good idea for one of us to have a fire extinguisher just in case:

"With your team, I think that's probably a good precaution all of the time."

Sara is very smart.

If anyone who is not on my team already is reading this - please come to the game tonight (a map is here). The atmosphere is always a lot better when there are a lot of fans in attendance. There's also a pick-up game happening after the championship (next season = next week), and it's free. Even better, bring a camcorder, because this could be a "Maximum Exposure" worthy moment.

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Scott said...

Funny and well said. I'd love to see us on "Max-X", "You've Gotta See This!" or any other television show that sounds like a soft drink slogan.