Wednesday, May 10, 2006

July in Miami

If we win on Monday, we get an automatic berth in the WAKA Founders Cup, which is the World Kickball Championship for the Winter and Spring seasons (they have two world championships per year, which is yet another example of WAKA not quite getting something right). The question is, after we win the championship, can we convince at least four guys and four girls to pay out of their own pocket to fly to Miami for a weekend in July.

I think we can.

Also, if anyone reading this is a millionaire kickball-lover who wants to sponsor our team, please contact me to work out payment options.


my kill said...

I want to go to Miami.

The Duke of Kickball said...

I'm going to start doing some research on airfare. I know that Tatiana from the Hollywood Division did offer her family's place for us to crash at during the tournament if we won, but I don't know whether to take that seriously or not.