Monday, June 05, 2006

Opening Night, Take II

Finally, it's opening night for the Spring 2006 season. Other than the super-secret surprise that I can't even talk about here, there is the usual percentage of Ninja hijinxs. Scott should have the AHN model rocket ready to go for an exhibition, and I have the championship rings ready to go for a ring ceremony before the start of the game. It should be a first-class display of ridiculousness - expect pictures tomorrow.

Then again, we might wind up forfeiting this week. We were already very short on females for tonight's game when Ashley decided it would be a good idea to sprain her ankle on Saturday while dancing in Santa Barbara to an 80s cover band. Cuttin' "Footloose" indeed - if by "loose" you mean "loosening the ligiments that connect her foot, ankle and lower leg".

But Ashley will play tonight because a) she's tough; b) she's as committed to the Ninjas as anyone and c) if we need a fourth player to be legal I'll force her to be out there, even if she has to use Scott's crutches from "The Miracle Play" and just stand in the field as a stationary target.

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