Monday, January 14, 2008

The Excitement Is Returning

Is it palpable? No, not quite yet. But its getting there.

Right now I am in Awesome Helicopter Ninja mode. For the past few seasons there has been a lot of distraction. There have been a couple of teams i've ran in other divisions, and don't get me wrong, I love those teams and would say that I was in love with them as well, but the Awesome Helicopter Ninjas will always occupy the very center of my heart.

Hobolympians, baby. You're the best. Cagey Bees, you too sweetie-p, you are the bees knees.

But Ninjas? Wowie Zowie!

Its hard to describe to anyone who hasn't played on the team. And sometimes, its hard for someone who has played on the team to relate. I don't know if its because there is often a sense of inclusiveness within the team itself. I know a lot of what Scott and Richard and Ashley and I have tried to do often only involves Scott and Richard and Ashley and I.

BUT...we're trying to make some fun changes for next season.

"Oh, what kind of changes?"

We're trying to get more members of the team involved in everything from organization of more social events to having some that want to be more involved in trickery and tactics to step up and really be heard.

We are still a month or more out from playing our first game, but i'm excited about a lot of the changes. And i'm excited that i'm not sure how things are going to go. The unknown is awesome!


Scott Jonesilicious said...

Prepare for kickball erection.

Anonymous said...

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