Friday, May 11, 2007


Remember how I JUST posted about how we are playing the Valley Girls in the Semi-Finals and THEN the winner was goign to play in the Championship against Sofa King Good?

Yeah, well Sofa King Good has forfeited the game, so they can play their opening Hollywood game against a splinter team.

More to come as the story develops...


Scott Jonesilicious said...
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Scott Jonesilicious said...

Sofa King Captain, Max, has explained the situation to me. It's filled with twists and turns but distils down to: Conflicting game time with Hollywood regular season contest, where the opposing team has REFUSED to reschedule to a later date.

I told Max that this seems like a no-brainer. Try to WIN the CHAMPIONSHIP and finish the UNDEFEATED season that you started. Tell the team in Hollywood, "Sorry you were afraid to play us." Instead, Sofa King has decided to be their opponents bitch. This is why they choke in the playoffs.