Thursday, December 07, 2006

The pressure is off

Well, since you didn’t see a gloating post on the Tuesday night after the final playoff rounds, we didn’t win the championships. We did make it to the finals, after beating Nuts & Honeys 10-1 in the semifinals. However, we fell in the Championship game 5-3 to the Wonderballerz.

How do I feel about it? Great! What’s the opposite of sour grapes? Sweet raisins? Then that’s what I’ve got, for the following reasons:

- Other teams were starting to hate us, not because of anything we did, but just because we’re the team that everyone was gunning for since we’ve won two Division championships and this last season’s pennant.

- The pressure to win was getting to be far greater than it ever needs to be for kickball.

- The Wonderballerz are really, really cool people. And, they were kind of like us our first championship season: they were the No. 8 seed in the playoffs, and pulled off four straight upsets to win the title. They were fun to play against, and I’d root for them if I wasn’t a Ninja.

New season starts in February. Expect big changes.

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