Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Taiko drummers

So, I've found a taiko drumming group in San Diego for the World Championships. In order to try and booka group of drummers from their club, there's a form you need to fill out with some really specific information. It seems really complex for me just wanting a couple of people to come and beat on some drums for an hour. I'm seriously contemplating whether this is worth all the bullshit, which is saying something since I always think that anything relating to the Ninjas is worth the bullshit, no matter what it is.

But then again, I think our reputation is starting to proceed us, and we need to do something big at the tournament to keep our reputation as "wacky pranksters". Which I think will also help us in the tournament since no one could possibly take us seriously.

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Lost_Sage said...

Yeah -- sorry to raise expectations for your dramatic expertise on 365 ... but I'm sure the Ninjas will rise to the occasion for LC. Taiko drummers is a step in the right direction. Looking forward to whatever you guys can cook up. Of course, I personally have high standards because smoke bombs, fireworks, and water balloons are par for the course every week at Brooklyn Kickball ...